Director’s greeting

Message from the director of studies

Postgraduate studies in Greece have developed rapidly since 1990, as the knowledge and skills offered by higher education are now considered insufficient in relation to the demands of the labour market.
The Postgraduate Program in Public Economics and Politics has been operating since 2012 and it intends to cover a basic need, since the public sector employs approximately ¼ of the employees of the Greek economy. The courses have a threefold objective. They aim to:

a) offer students specialized knowledge of management issues (acquisition of basic knowledge of administrative law and human resource management),
b) delve into essential economic issues of public operation (public policy, budgets - reports, etc.)
c) provide training in advanced core areas of international relations, public governance, and evaluation of investment projects.

Since the foundation of the Postgraduate Program, between 2012 – 2019, 300 students have already graduated. Most of them are employed in the narrow and broad public sector (Ministry of Finance, Local Government and Public Organizations).
We believe that the program, which is constantly reformed according to market needs and international developments, provides high-standard skills, and student satisfaction meets the objectives of the program.




Papaelias Theodoros




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