Administrative Structure of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (T.E.I.)



Vryzidis Lazaros

Tel: 210-5450300, 210-5450200

Fax: 210-5451123


Kantzos Constantinos                                                 Tseles Dimitrios

Tel: 210 5381005, 210 5381006                                 210 5381425

Fax: 210 5451123                                                       Fax: 210 5451123

Secretary General

Papadopoulos George

Tel: 210-5450960, 210-5381114



Technological Educational Institutes (TEIs) were founded in 1983 by virtue of  Framework Law 1404/83 (Government Gazette 173, issue A/24-11-83), and along with Universities, Technical Universities, Schools of Pedagogical and Technological Education (‘ASPETE’) and Schools of Fine Arts, they constitute the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of the country, validated by the Constitution and the respective Law (4009/2011).

HEIs are self-governed legal entities operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs in compliance with article 16 of the Constitution and Law 4009/2011. The Operating Policies & Procedures and the Internal Regulation of HEIs constitute the framework in which they operate as self-governed institutions. HEIs comprise faculties, which are their main units, covering related scientific fields and serving as an inter-departmental link in order to develop educational and scientific cooperation and interaction. The Faculty coordinates and supervises the Departments so that they may operate in compliance with their Regulations of Studies.

Additionally, the Faculty coordinates and organizes Postgraduate Studies Programs and assigns their implementation to Departments or selected Academic Staff. Postgraduate Studies Programs operate in accordance with the Institution’s Operating Policies & Procedures.

The Department is the basic educational and academic unit of the Institution. Hence it promotes science, technology or the arts in the respective scientific field, prepares the program of studies and designs the courses with the aim of providing students with a solid education and continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills. The Department comprises all Academic Staff, Special Education Teachers (‘EEP’), Laboratory Teaching Staff (‘EDIP’), and Special Technical Staff (ETEP).

Departments award Degrees that provide graduates with professional rights related to their special field of studies, as provided by the relevant legal provisions, and equip them with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them to achieve their professional goals. Particular care is taken when developing the program of studies so as to ensure that graduates will be able in the future to update their knowledge on new scientific methods and relevant applications, as well as pursuing postgraduate diplomas.

The Departments are divided into Sectors that correspond to specific scientific and technological fields of study to facilitate the teaching process and administrative tasks.

Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (T.E.I.) has two Faculties with ten (10) Departments offering studies in various fields, as well as a Center of Vocational Training (‘KEK’) and an Educational Technology Center (‘KTE’).


Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (T.E.I.) is governed by:

The Council, which consists of 11 Members, 7 of which are internal Members of the Institution (6 Professors or Associate  Professors and 1 student representative), and 4 are external Members.

The President, at the rank of Professor, who presides over the Institution, directs it, has the responsibility for monitoring the various operations of its services, and ensures compliance with the laws, the Operating Policies & Procedures, and the Internal Regulation. The President has also the duty to coordinate the administrative bodies and promote cooperation between teaching staff and students, while he/she also represents the Institution judicially and extrajudicially.

The Assembly, which comprises:

  1. the President
  2. the Deans of Faculties
  3. Rotating Presidency of the Departments (up to two Presidents per faculty, whose tenure of office is for two years and is not renewable)
  4. student  representatives (1 undergraduate and 1 postgraduate with one year term of office, who cannot stand for re-election)
  5. Staff representatives (1 from each category), who participate, with voting rights, when issues related to their respective staff category are discussed.

 Note: In Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (T.E.I.) the Assembly currently operates with the composition provided for by the previous legal framework, since the election of the Institution’s President based on law no. 4009/2011 is still pending.



The Faculty is governed by:

  1. the Faculty Dean (at the rank of Professor, with academic recognition and administrative experience)
  1. the Faculty Deanship, which comprises:
  • The Faculty Dean
  • The Departments’ Presidents
  • 1 student  representative (without voting right)
  1. the Faculty General Assembly, which consists of the Faculty academic staff and the representatives –1 per category — of  the members of Special Education Teachers (‘EEP’), Laboratory Teaching Staff (‘EDIP’), and Special Technical Staff (‘ETEP’).



The Department is governed by:

  1. the President (Head) of the Department
  2. the Department’s Assembly, and in the case of Sectors inside the Department:
  3. the Directors of Sectors
  4.  the Sector General Assembly

The President of the Department monitors the activities and services of the Department and, in collaboration with the academic staff, supervises and coordinates the sectors’ operations. The Department President’s tenure of office is for 3 years.

All members of the T.E.I. community “vote free of bias and in their discretion, taking into account only the Law and the Internal Regulation of the Institution”, and have the right and duty “to contribute to the fulfillment of the T.E.I.’s mission and behave in such a way that no one is prevented from exercising their rights and obligations”.